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Remote Construction site CCTV monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring is becoming more and more popular and there is increasing evidence to prove that it is a particularly cost-effective way of reducing the risk of theft from, or damage to, a property or site.Relief guarding will provide you with a wide range of 24 hour CCTV, day and infrared night surveillance cameras. As highly reputed security company you can trust us to protect your vulnerable construction site or vacant property from unwanted visitors. While the presence of security cameras is often enough to deter the vast majority of would-be thieves and vandals, you will have access to the video evidence required for successful prosecution should trespassers ever infiltrate your site. Not only are our CCTV cameras a more cost-effective security solution than man guarding, but you can also access live footage around the clock remotely via the internet should you ever wish to.

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Your building site or premises contains number of high-value assets including quality tools, equipment, and machinery. Once you have closed for the day, all this equipment sits unattended – and vulnerable. Your CCTV construction site security feeds will be monitored by security experts when you need it
Our Dalek’s are a completely free standing, wireless, self-contained security system with a versatility that makes any installation seamless. The Dalek’s are powered by lithium batteries – 100% emission free
Prevent damage occurring by warning intruders away from your site with audio announcements
Assure construction staff of their security and safety whilst on the job
Catch incidents before or as they happen with live, monitored CCTV footage, rather than relying on trying to claim back after the damage is already done
Prevent disruption to costly construction work by preventing theft and vandalism
Featuring 24/7 live monitoring, the security of knowing that your premises are secure whatever the time, whatever the day. Remote monitoring is the peace of mind that allows you to sleep easy at night because, with Relief guarding technology, you are taking zero chances with your property.
As soon as an intruder is detected on the premises, footage broadcasting live images is directed to the screen of an operator, who will sound the alarm. First, the intruder will be given a live audio warning, in the majority of cases, instructing them to leave before further action is taken.
Audio warnings, usually, are enough to deter the intruder and scare them away, but in the event that they are feeling extra optimistic then you remain in good hands. The emergency services will be called, as well as the key holder

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